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How Bardin Planning can help your business.

Town planning permits and VCAT representationIf you are thinking of starting a new business or expanding your current business then Bardin Planning can assist you with professional advice as to whether or not the nature of your business requires a town planning permit from your local council.

Building Works / Construction

If you are going to construct a new building then all works associated with that new building along with any alteration or extension to an existing building in a shopping centre or an industrial area will require town planning approval from your local council.  When the council planning department assesses your proposal they will be considering a number of matters such as the setback of buildings from the street frontage and other boundaries, building height, vehicle access and the provision of car parking and landscaping.  In many areas you may also be required to provide information about building materials, paint colours and finishes and any new advertising signs.

Council can more quickly make a decision about what you want to do and whether or not it satisfies the requirements of the local planning scheme if all the necessary and relevant planning information is shown on your plans and provided as part of a package of information with your application.

Change of Use

A town planning permit can also often be required even if your new business simply involves just a change in the use of the floor space of an existing building.

An example of where this might occur is in an industrial area where a warehouse building is proposed to be used for some sort of industrial or manufacturing operation. In these situations Council must consider whether or not the industry or manufacturing you propose to undertake is suitable having regard to the requirements of the particular industrial zone in which you are located, the nature of adjoining businesses and how close you might be to any residential areas.

Council will also consider the amount of car parking required for the new use.

Another example would be a change in the use of retail floor space from a shop to that of a cafe or restaurant. While such a hospitality type use can be permitted in a shopping centre in a business zone, Council nonetheless has to consider a number of matters including the proposed number of seats, the hours of operation, whether or not a liquor licence would be obtained and the provision of car parking for the new use.

Advertising Signs

New advertising signs can also be an issue in shopping areas and although planning schemes allow a reasonable level of advertising, many Councils have their own special controls in local polices.  It is best to be aware of these polices before you erect or display any new or additional signs.

Bardin Planning can provide you with the right advice about what permits and approvals you might need and make sure your business gets off to a flying start by ensuring that any application you make includes all the necessary supporting information.  Bardin Planning can lodge your application, work with the council planning department and manage it through the often difficult approval process.  

If your proposal is complex and raises issues such as traffic engineering, the provision of services and other government agency approval in addition to the basics of satisfying the requirements of the local planning scheme, Bardin Planning can readily identify those issues and put together a project team and manage the engagement of any specialist consultants that may be required to deliver a successful outcome for your business.


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